Monday, February 12, 2018

Gaslight & Graves Cover Reveal - Only 99 cents for 8 stories!

So, I hope you are expecting a lot of new book releases from me this year because this one is going to be the first of many.

Gaslight & Graves is a steampunk boxset I am a part of. Here's the blurb and the link:

EIGHT paranormal steampunk adventures from today’s bestselling and award-winning authors. There’s something for every steampunk lover in the collection of mad science, twisted fairytales, myths, ghosts, vampires, shifters, magic, techno-fantasy with settings such as gothic romance, urban fantasy, Victorian, and so much more.

And here's the cover....Isn't it pretty? I hope you'll purchase it. It has a lot of great stories inside!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Valentine's Day Contest

It's very easy to enter. It only takes a couple of seconds.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Win A Kindle Fire And Ten Free Ebooks!

Entering the contest is simple. All you have to do is submit your email address in the form here:

Signing up using this form will allow you to received more contests, book excerpts, free ebooks, sale ebooks, and more right in your e-mail box!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Writing Resolutions

I don't remember whether or not I posted it on this blog, but last year, I made some New Years writing resolutions. I met some goals, not others, and wound up changing some of my goals because of events that took place last year.

Here were my goals last year (including how much progress I made):
1. Get to 100 hubs written on hubpages (I made it to 86/100)
2. Write and publish three short stories under another pen name (completed)
3. Finish writing an erotica novella under another pen name and submit it (I got 9/10 done with that)
4. Write the first "Choose Your Own Romance" story for my website and officially launch the website (I completed this as well)
5. Write and finish the first two stories in my zombie apocalypse romance serial (I finished some of the first story)
6. Finish editing Spirit Speaker and release it (I edited it some, but it's nowhere near completed and won't be for awhile)

Here were the goals I added on:
1. Join a boxset (I wound up joining three and having to drop a lot of my other writing goals in order to focus on getting covers and beginning writing the three stories)
2. Write and publish poetry on my website (I believe I wrote and published almost 60 poems on my website)
3. Write two more of the short stories under the other pen name (I got 1 out of 2 completed before Pronoun shut down and I had to take down my stories and slowly figure out how to republish them a new way)
4. Add chapters to my story on Wattpad (I added a couple of those)
5. Get a short story published in a magazine (I wrote four this year and submitted them some places and they were rejected)
6. Launch a website for beginning writers and write the first ten articles for it (Completed)

Now, here are my goals for this year, I am so excited:
1. Finish the three stories for the three boxsets I signed up for (I'm almost done with the first one of the three already!)
2. Get to 100 hubs written on hubpages
3. Join another boxset
4. Finish that last short story I didn't get to
5. Finish editing Spirit Speaker and publish it
6. Finish writing the first two stories for the zombie apocalypse romance serial
7. Write 1-2 more stories for my "Choose Your Own" Romance novel
8. Finish writing an erotica story and submit it.
9. Get one of my short stories accepted somewhere
10. Get a high ranking on one of my books in the overall Amazon ebook story (be it free or paid)
11. Writing five more articles for my beginning writers website
12. Become a hybrid author
13. Increase my writing income significantly

I always give myself more goals than I'll ever achieve, but on the top of my list is the boxsets, which I am willing to abandon everything else for, followed by the zombie apocalypse romance serial, so I think those two stories will be completed this year.

My goals might shift and change, but I am looking forward to learning to write more quickly and achieving more of my goals in the upcoming year!

What are your writing New Years Resolutions?

Monday, December 11, 2017

10 Articles Written!

If you haven't heard of it already, I've started a website with tips and tricks for new writers to help them become better writers, get published, and get the resources they need to become successful authors. Here's the link to my site. As of today, I have ten articles up and I will be adding more when time permits...

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The 10 Types Of Writers You Will See

These are the ten types of writers you will run into while reading or writing books...

1. "The Brand Is Everything Writer"

This author is all about marketing all the time. They have a brand. They've always had a brand and everything must fit their brand.

Even the stuff they post on facebook must fit their brand and they judge every other author for posting about their real life, viewing it as dramatic and bad for the business.

This makes them come across as fake and they sometimes can be, making author friends only if it benefits their "brand" and discarding you the second you become harmful (in their opinion) or off-brand in some way.

But don't take it personally, it's "just business", as they'll tell you.

And sometimes they're the same to their readers, acting grateful to you if you're complimenting them or leaving reviews and doing a 180 degree personality change the second they give you an ARC and you don't review it within in a few days.

They may not pay you, but they still think you work for them.

These are the authors you have to watch out for.

2. "The Aspiring Writer"

This writer may or may not be actually writing anything. They love to daydream about writing. They love the idea of writing. They think if they just sit down and finally finish writing their novel, they'll be millionaires.

Those poor naive souls.

3. "The Fresh-Faced Writer"

This writer is grateful for everything. You just critiqued their book and had a problem with every single sentence they wrote? They will thank you for improving their writing. They just got their first rejection from an agent or one-star review? They are thankful for those things, too. Because now they are a "real" writer because we all receive rejections and bad reviews.

Everything is new and fresh. They're so excited to dive into the writing world, including every painful aspect of it. They're probably newly published or at least just finished their first manuscript and they haven't had enough time for their dreams to be crushed completely.

4. "The Seasoned Writer"

This is the "old" writer, the one that has been around for awhile and hates everything. They've lost count of the amount of rejections they've received. They used to dream of being a millionaire author, but they actually started doing the math. Not only are their sales nowhere near what they want them to be, but even if they are well above average, the amount of money they make on said sales is so small that they're upset about it.

They'll discourage anyone else who dreams of becoming an author, say the pursuit of it is foolish.

But are they going to quit? No, because they're addicted to writing and can't stop, which is a predicament in life they often lament.

5. "The Worshiped Writer"

This is the writer that can do no wrong. They have a large following of people that literally worship anything and everything they do. All of these people are following them in some way, probably on either facebook or twitter (or both!) They have an opinion? Thousands of shares on twitter! They finished a book? Instant bestseller! They get away with things that the rest of us scrape and struggle to achieve.

Are the rest of us jealous of them? Yes, but we would never do anything bad or mean to them because we worship them, too.

Authors like J.K. Rowling and Stephen King fall into this category.

6. "The Dirty Writer"

This author knows that sex sells. They're probably an erotica writer or a romance writer and whenever they post, they sound aroused-whether they're posting dirty jokes or pictures of half-clothed people.

They may not be selling the most copies of their books, but they're probably doing pretty well. Although they constantly have to face the possibility of websites censoring them and sometimes get banned from selling on certain sites or in trouble on facebook for their pictures.

They're tired of people judging them for writing about sex because it's just as hard to write as any other genre is and they need everyone to understand that. Americans are such prudes, hating books about sex, but loving books on violence. They'll never understand that culture.

7. "The Sexist Writer"

This is the writer that judges "The Dirty Writer." They think all women belong in that category and that only men can write real books because they don't write about romance and sex all the time. They say this despite the fact that they just finished jacking off to something online thirty minutes ago because that's classier than writing a romance novel. Because a man did it.

And real men, the only people who can actually write, write things like science fiction novels and literary fiction because those are the kinds of books that cause you to actually think. Women don't write those things because they can't think.

They're probably an alcoholic as well.

8. "The Hiding Writer"

This writer is shy. They're an introvert, which is why they began writing in the first place (because they could do it alone) and are completely overwhelmed by the fact that now that they've finished a book, they're supposed to make social media accounts and actually interact with other people.

Writing was the easy part. Actually having to interact with other authors, agents, editors, and publishers? That part is overwhelming!

They may or may not make social media accounts. They probably have social anxiety.

9. "The Conceited Writer"

Their mother/God told them they had to write this book and that all people will like it! Because they're gifted geniuses and know their book will change everyone's life. Just read it and see! If someone doesn't love their book, then they just don't realize what a million dollar idea this is and they probably have some brain cells missing.

This is the writer that worships themselves, but they're probably the only ones who feel this way. They get one star reviews on Amazon and respond to them, making sure the reader knows just how clueless they are for daring to question anything they've written.

They've probably not hired an editor. They can edit their own books because their writing is perfect and their teacher in fifth grade once told them that they have amazing grammar.

10. "The Opinionated Writer"

This writer thrives on controversy. They have opinions and they're ready to speak about them, regardless of the backlash. They might have good sales, but they probably have poor ones and they'll never know if that's due to the fact that they're opinionated or because they need to work on their marketing.

But they also don't care because writing is about having a platform for them and everyone's going to hear their opinions on things, whether they like it or not.

They are either loved or hated by everyone who follows them on social media and they thrive on that attention.


11. "The Writer Who Doesn't Think They Fit Somewhere In This List"

Oh, they do. They all do. In fact, some writers fit into multiple categories on this list. But this kind of writer believes they are unique. The things they write about are special, different than other books out there and they have their own unique personality.

They don't fit into a box. This list doesn't define them and they're furious right now reading this.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Fast Writing Or Slow Writing

One of the arguments that the author community seems to always have is,"What is better: to write a novel quickly or to write it slowly?"

I hate this argument more than most arguments, even though I, like many other authors, always participate in it because it's an argument authors get heated about because of their egos. It's never logical or calm, it's always emotional. Because whether we write fast or slow, we feel like, defines us as authors and the quality of all of our books.

Some of us take our time to write a novel and try to perfect it because we're perfectionists. Other people write as quickly as possible to please their fans and get things done. Different people have different priorities when they write.

Also, they are at different levels in their writing. Some people have to learn and research more when writing a specific book so it takes them longer to write or they're beginners and need to go through more drafts. Some people have a team of people they pay that help them write a novel quickly and are ready to edit it the second they are finished. Having a dedicated team and more resources allows a writer to write something faster.

The faster you write, the more money you can make. That tends to be true across the board.

But which kind of books have actually superior literary quality? Ask that question and authors fall to pieces arguing with each other about it.

I can write both quickly or slow depending on my mood. I prefer to write slower (although that isn't always possible) because I'm one of those perfectionist types and want to catch every single mistake, but I'm trying to write more quickly lately and have, for the most part, been doing so under other pen names and writing my articles/poetry/regularly updating my website.

But I do think deep down inside that taking your time writing something and reading it over and over extra times actually helps you catch more mistakes than you would otherwise catch.

Anyway, when authors have this argument, both sides wind up getting offended. The fast authors wind up getting offended because they feel like the slow authors are saying they write crappy, low quality books and the slow authors feel like the fast authors are saying they are crap writers because they take forever to write the same quality book that fast authors write quickly. And we wind up never actually arguing over which type of writing is better, we wind up defending our own egos.

This is similar to the argument I get into with certain romance writers. I say a romance book is any book in which the main plotline revolves around a romance. But a lot of romance writers say there's a lot of rules to it. That both characters must be respectable people with a healthy relationship (if you don't believe me, then look up the controversy over a book called "The Wild"), that there must be a happily ever after in the end, that the romance must progress a certain way, and give people the warm fuzzies or whatever. But I say that some people are triggered by a lot of romance novels, that they don't like alpha males, like me, I don't tend to like an alpha male.

But when I say that, it gets all about egos. They think I hate their type of writing even though I read it all the time and just think it shouldn't be the only type of writing in existence. And they think that I'm trashing the romance genre and debasing it if I dare to write something that doesn't fit their mold. And then it gets about their egos because they think I'm hating on their writing and non-conforming romance writers egos because they're being kicked out of the genre by other authors.

I just hate these arguments and authors have them over and over again with each other. They're all about egos and not about anything actually real or good or helpful. It's just insecure authors trying to defend themselves and no one actually learning anything.

We may not compete over reviews or rankings usually (at least not from my experience.) But these things, it seems like even the littlest authors compete over.